We're Staying In

We're Staying In

It's just too smokey outside 

We've been staying inside lately since the air quality outside isn't the best with all the fires going on.  There has been a day or two that we could go outside and we did, but didn't participate in too much activity.  This is how one of Midnight's yellow squashes from her Victory Garden got bitten by a rodent!  Ugh, we're looking forward to clearer days.

In the meantime, we'll lace and update the store! We're making progress on the cat lace bookmark and are thinking about the next project.  Purrhaps a lace collar? 

We've added kid's sizes of the Official Cat Lady T-shirt!  For infants and toddlers, we've added a onesie and a t-shirt, for older kids we've added a girls fit t-shirt in some pretty fancy colors. Check em out now!

 Official Cat Lady In Training toddler tee

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