We're on Twitch!

We're on Twitch!

Watch the kitties live on our Twitch channel! We use affiliate links

We've been looking for the purrfect place where we could host Cat Chat and Twitch is purrrrrrrrrrrrfect!  It's taken us a while to  figure how to use Twitch, but now that we've got it we're ready to share it with you!  Sign up for alerts to be notified when we're going live and watch the kitties in real time! 

 Along with the kitties, we'll also stream cat art in the making! Watch our photo edits from start to export, on both the mobile and the desktop! We'll also stream our bobbin lace making and even some gaming!  Visit our channel to watch some of the videos we've already streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/catladyb/videos

We're excited to start our Twitch channel and look forward to sharing our Official Cat Lady life and activities!  Look out for our new branding as well, now that we are on Twitch we need a Twitchier logo.  Since we'll be streaming live on Twitch more, we'll have less time to write blog posts and will reduce the numbe rof blog posts from 3 a week to one a week.  But don't worry, it will still be the same content just spaced out over time.


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