We're Back!

We're Back!

New year in a new place and new furrnishings We use affiliate links

Lil' Fluff helping put together new furrniture

It took us a little while longer then we thought it would to move from one side of the forest to the other, but we are moved now and we have internet again!  The Chateau is mostly unpacked with just a few boxes still taped up. 

Midnight and Pooh Bierre enjoying their new bunk bed

The kitties have adjusted to the move and they love the new Chateau, there's more room to run around and lots of spots for naps.  They got new beds, new litter box enclosures, and a new cat tree!  Their favorite is the new bunk bed.

They haven't gone outside yet, the new Party Patio still needs to be set up and Boo is still deciding what will go in her purple garden this season.  It's also still snowing.  There's a couple new kitties that roam around the outside of the Chateau, we aren't sure if they're friendly or not so we'll take our time letting the kitties go outside.

La Lune relaxing

La Lune moved with us!  We had been worried the move would be too stressful for him, but he adjusted quickly and is happy in the new Chateau.  He is the only kitty that has been outside.  We aren't sure if he's met the other kitties, but he did have a scratch on his nose after the first day of being outside.

We have some website housekeeping that needs to be done, along with our regular housekeeping, but we hope to be back 100% to our Official Cat Lady duties by the first of next month.

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