Two websites are one!

Two websites are one!

Bettina Monique Chavez Official Cat Lady

BIG, BIG CHANGES!  We’re now one big website

You may have noticed some changes to the Official Cat Lady website.  Like who is this Bettina person?  Where did she come from?  How did she get here?  Bettina is the human who takes the photos for the website, and takes care of the kitties, and makes the crafts.  Official Cat Lady has never been about one person but rather about what one person does as an Official Cat Lady, we’re always interested in hearing how other Official Cat Ladies live their cat lady life.

Official Cat Lady and the photography portfolio of Bettina Monique Chavez are now one website!  There are more gifts and prints available and now Cat Art Photo Editing!  Submit your cat pic and Bettina will create a unique piece of Cat Art just for you.

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