National Pet Day

National Pet Day

We get to spend the entire day celebrating our pets

We usually spend our days with our pets, but today is more special than most days because it's a day specifically for our pets. We have nine Official Cat Lady Pets, mostly cats. With two dogs and a fish. We aren't really sure if that's enough pets or not, we know people with many more pets than our measly nine, but we feel it's a good number of pets to keep us occupied and inspired.


Black Bobbin Lace Sooty CatThere have been many artists who kept more than a couple pets. Andy Warhol had 25 cats at one time, and we all know about Ernest Hemingway's colony of polydactyl cats. Many artist's pets were inspirantion for their work, like Frida Kahlo who included many of her pets in her paintings. Like these artists and others, our pets inspire our art.  This Black Bobbin Lace Sooty Cat with Green Accent was inspired by Boo and her sleek black fur and bright green eyes. 


Constellation PoohThis image of Constellation Pooh was inpired by Pooh Bierre when he was a kitten. He looked like the contellation Leo when she slept.  Enjoy your special day with your special pets! 


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