Moving on Up!

Moving on Up!

To the east side

Over the next few weeks, the Chateau will be moving to the east side of the forest!  We’re excited to explore “the other side of the forest” and experiment with new ways to grow Nip, and our good furriends Meow Meow and Lulu will be there.  We’re excited to see them again.  La Lune may or may not come with us, he hasn’t decided yet.  We’ve discussed with him the pros and cons of staying and coming with us, he thought about it then ate a bug.  Apparently, he’s still thinking about it. And eating bugs.

We’ve begun the moving process and our internet service has been disconnected, so we may not be able to make as many blog posts over the next few weeks.  We still have Instagram though, so follow us!

Thanks and we'll see you on the other side of the forest!

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