Kitty of the Month April 2020

Kitty of the Month April 2020

Kitty of the Month


Is Frosta!  We use affiliate links

Frosta has been instrumental in keeping us all sane while we quarantine during this interesting time in history. We know we're in good paws with Frosta around, her little purrs lift our spirits when we're feeling a little down about not being able to visit furriends.


Frosta has been showing interest in learning from Boo how to grow Nip. She discovered another type of Nip called "Cat Mint" and would like to grow some of that right next to Boo's Organic Nip™️. Now seems like the purrfect time to experiment with growing new herbs and redesigning the cat garden on the Catio. Frosta's Cat Garden will include her new found herb, Cat Mint (Nepeta Mussini), some yummy cat grass, and a colorful flower that will attract pollinators and hummingbirds! She's not sure which one yet.

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