It's Hot!

It's Hot!

Boy howdy it has been hot lately!

We've been staying inside, keeping the drapes closed and trying to stay cool, but it's so hot!  Staying hydrated is an important part of keeping cool, so we designed a new stainless steel water bottle to make sure you get enough water to keep cool!

Summer Kitten Water BottleWe redesigned the Summer Kitten design to make it more fabulous and awesome, and also to remind you to drink more water!  Made of stainless steel and available in four awesome colors!  Get yours here!

Official Cat Lady Embroidered HatWe've also got a new hat, and it's embroidered!  When it's cool enough for a hike you'll need the new embroidered Official Cat Lady Cap to keep your face free from sun rays and sweat dripping into your eyes.  Each color design is available in 10 hat colors.  Goes purrfect with the water bottle! Get yours here! 

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