The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020

Where's all the toilet paper?! 

There's none on the shelves in the stores and it's our annual toilet paper run!  As most of us know by now the stores are running out of toilet paper. It's not because there's a shortage, because there isn't, and it's not because there's a shortage in any of the supply chain of toilet paper. There's isn't that either. Same with water. But people are panicking and some people when they panic they shop, so stores are currently out of stuff until their next shipment. As Official Cat Ladies we'll take this in stride, as we have plenty of toilet paper to keep the cats entertained for a few months and if need be, we can ALL have quail for dinner, not just the cats.

Midnight turning the compostSo while we're home for the foreseeable future, which is normal anyway, Midnight decided to work on some house chores that need to be done. First she turned over the compost. We have two composts for our plants with all the nutrients they need. First we have a compost for the vegetaive stage which has more nitrogen needed to grow big, and a compost for a flowering stage, which has more phosphorous and potassium. Both are vegan, meaning no animals by products! Maybe there's some cat fur in there, and maybe a whisker or two, and maybe some egg shells. But other than that no animal by products! 

Filtering tap waterAfter the composts got turned, Midnight moved onto to filtering the tap water. Our tap water comes from a well filled with freshly melted mountain top snow. It's basically mountain spring water, but it's very hard. So it get's a little filter to make it tastier. She used some activated charcoal bought from and just a regular ol' coffee filter. There was a smidge of charcoal dust at the bottom after the first filter, so we filtered it thoruhg a second coffee filter to get rid of that dust. This is a much more sustainable way to filter water and the same thing used in those water filter pitchers. The best part is the used filter and charcoal can be tossed into the compost when finished.

Midnight hoarding toilet paperOnce Midnight finished her chores she noticed a new box of toilet paper in the house. Not knowing if anyone had claimed it, she claimed it for herself. She defends her toilet paper cube day and night, and won't let anyone get close enough to grab a roll. She won't even spare a square!

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