The Garden is Growing!

The Garden is Growing!

Midnight has been a busy bee in her Victory Garden

 Everyday at 3pm the lights in Midnight's Victory Garden turn on.  Once she hears the fans from the lights whirrling, she enters each tent to gently wake each plant for the day.  She checks the temperture and humidity to help her decide how much water to give the plants. and she prunes the leaves to help the fruits to grow.  Pruning is Midnight's favorite part of gardening because she prunes with her mouth and her favorites to prune are the carrots, spinach, and strawberries.

 Yellow squash bloom  Midnight trying her spinach Midnight's carrots


Outside, one of Boo's Organic Cat Mint™️ plants is blooming!  Everyone is enjoying watching the bees flutter and forage the purple blooms, and the sweet scent covers up the stinky smells eminating from the litter box.  We're excited for the Nip to bloom!

Boo next to her cat mint A honeybee foraging in cat mint Cat Mint at dusk

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