The Cats Met a Goat!

The Cats Met a Goat!

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The grass is too high! It's a forest out there 

It's that time of year when the weeds and grass at the Chateau get too tall to have fun in.  Also, the fire department says we have to have the yard cleared by June 1, so we hired some outside help.  Our friend, Lady Bon, brought two of her furriends to the Chateau to clear the grass, her goats Lucy and Ethel!

 Lucy the Goat Ethel the Goat Boo is not sure she wants to come down from the deck

Lil' Fluff checking out the goats from belowThe cats had never seen a goat before, and they didn't know what to think about them.  But they sure did smell interesting!  Boo watched from the deck next to Midnight.  They both wanted to graze on some grass but they also didn’t want to get any closer to the goats.  

Lil' Fluff was a lil' curious about the goats, she watched ‘em from all angles before she moved closer to get a better sniff.  The neighbor kitty Meow Meow got the closest, though not by choice.  He wandered outside not realizing the Chateau was entertaining guests and almost walked right into Lucy!  He watched her from behind the slide, but not from the top of the slide.

Meow Meow running into a goat

The goats spent the day nibbling on the grass and trees and were able to clear some paths and nibble down the tree in the middle of the hill.  They'll be coming back for more Goat and Chill, until then the cats love to roll in all the poop they left behind. 

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