Starting a New Project

Starting a New Project


We use affiliate linksIt’s been a few weeks since we finished our last bobbin lace kitty, we’re itching to start a new project.  

BobbinsIn the normal times before coronavirus, we would meet with our lace group on Mondays where we could go through the lace library and find a new project to work on, but not now.  The lace library is closed until we can meet again.  So we’ve been looking online for a new project, but quickly got overwhelmed and decided to work with what we have.  Looking through our stash of patterns we came across a kitty bookmark that we had not yet done and began thinking about what color we would use, we chose a variegated purple/white/blue thread and a variegated light blue and white thread.  Since it's a new pattern we wanted to keep it simple.


Pooh Bierre working on a lace projectPooh Bierre has been interested in bobbin lace making lately, his favorite part is when the bobbins hang off the pillow while a piece is being worked.  He thought we should have used the variegated orange thread until he was reminded that we’ve already made three orange kitty pieces.


Winding bobbinsThe piece we chose uses 18 pairs of bobbins.  We weren't sure about how much yardage of thread for each bobbin will be needed, but we guessed 5 yards each.  Winding bobbins takes a long time, and in the normal time before coronavirus, we would have our guild to help out.  So we spent most of the day winding the thread onto the bobbins, manually.  We’ll be looking into purchasing a bobbin winder sometime in the near future.  18 pairs is a lot of winding. 

18 pairs of bobbins 

Starting the new projectOnce the bobbins were wound we decided to start working the piece.  After starting and undoing the stitches more than a few times we decided it was late and we'll figure it out tomorrow. Wound bobbins


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