Pooh Bierre Can't Poop!

Pooh Bierre Can't Poop!

He tries and tries but only little poops are pooped

Pooh Bierre loves to eat the dog food when he thinks no one is looking, and now he's constipated.  Since he usually eats the leftover dog food when we’re sleeping, he gets into it a lot.  Cats really shouldn’t eat dog food since it doesn’t have key nutrients that cats need like taurine.  Taurine is an amino acid that helps nerve growth.  The body makes taurine naturally and it can be found in organ meats, fish, and eggs.  In cats, taurine is essential for maintaining vision, digestion, heart function, and a healthy immune system and is included in cat food recipes.  


We noticed Pooh Bierre was only making little poops outside the litter box and they looked a little dry.  He even tried  one of his poops under a taco.  He also didn’t want to eat as much as he usually does, and he’s been laying around more than usual.  He also has been more vocal than usual before he uses the litter box.  So we took him to the vet!

Laxatone from Chewy.com

The vet prescribed some Laxatone for Pooh Bierre to “take by mouth” twice a day, however Pooh Bierre has other ideas.  Pooh Bierre does not like to take medicine that has to be taken by mouth, and he can smell when we’ve mixed it in his food, so we smeared it on his paw for him to lick off.

We’re not entirely sure if Pooh BIerre has pooped yet.  He may have and someone ate it, he may have pooped outside, or he may not yet have pooped but he seems to be moving easier.  We’ll update once we have a confirmed poop!

Pooh Bierre has pooped

UPDATE: @ approximately 11:18 pm July 22, 2021 it was confirmed that Pooh Bierre had pooped.

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