New Year, New Projects!

New Year, New Projects!

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This year we spent new year's day the way we intend to spend the rest of the year, napping!

Frosta sleeping with her tongue out
Frosta napped with her tongue out.
A neighbor visited
We had a visitor.
Midnight deciding to up pot the strawberry cough seedling
Midnight up-potted the strawberry cough by Dutch Passion and pineapple pop

Renee's Garden Heirloom Spearmint Now that it's January it's time to start thinking about what the garden will look like in spring.  We've got a few new plants to be potted, a chocomint, a spearmint, two rosa candidas, and one Louise Odier rosa!  The cats started their own patches of nip but they do need more catmint, so we'll start some of that and maybe a couple of other decorative flowers.Renee's Garden Catmint Seeds

We've got a bunch of new lace patterns to work on! We bought all the Michel Jourde cat patterns and look forward to making all of them! We started with the two cats one heart pattern and so far have made three.

Michel Jourde Cat Pattern Boo holding down the lace

We look forward to what the new year brings and we're excited for 2023, like our new blanket!

Glamour Kitten Woven Blanket
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