Litter Boxes, EWWWW!

Litter Boxes, EWWWW!

Litter boxes are gross, gotta keep em clean

Litter boxes are the cat’s toilet.  Unless you’ve trained your cat to use the human toilet.  Along with scooping the poop daily, litter boxes also need to be scrubbed cleaned the same way the human toilet is cleaned.  So today we cleaned the litter boxes.

The litter box about to be cleanedWe don't like to use many of any harsh chemicals around the pets and their litter boxes are no exception. So we just use plain dish soap and borax. Borax is a mineral that is mined and is an alternative to bleach and is commonly used in cleaning like washing dishes or laundry.  It can also be used to eliminate odors, clean hard water spots, and kill mold.  Borax is an irritant on the skin, and gloves should be worn when using borax.  While Borax is safer than bleach, cats and other pets should be kept at a distance while cleaning.  We cleaned the litter boxes outside while the cats were napping.

First, we scooped the poop and emptied the litter.  We didn’t refill the boxes after we scooped for the last few days so the litter would run down and make it easier to empty.  Then we let the litter boxes soak in dish soap and borax for about 20 minutes and scrubbed the walls and bottom with a toilet bowl brush. After we dumped the dirty water, we rinsed and let the litter boxes air dry, then it rained.   

The cats needed a litter box or else they would start using the plants as litter boxes.  We brought them inside from the rain and let them air dry in the bathtub.  They didn’t take too long to dry and we were soon able to refill with the Grass Litter. We love the Grass Litter!  It’s made from grass, has great clumping properties, and keeps stinky poops less stinky.   We weren’t even done filling the first litter box and there was already a line to use the bathroom, with one Fluff trying to climb into the litter box while it was being refilled. 

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