Lil' Fluff's First Snow Day

Lil' Fluff's First Snow Day

Lil’ Fluff quickly learned about snowballs 

The cold weather is here and we’ve had our first snow day of the season at the Chateau.  Fluff was excited to see snow for the first time, so excited she slipped. She didn’t know what to make of the snow the first time she touched it.  It was cold and made her feet wet.  She tested various patches of snow with her paw before finally going all-in with her four paws, all of them were cold and made her paw wet.  But if she wanted to play with the other cats then she was gonna have to get her paws wet, so she did.

Fluff played with Frosta first.  Frosta has a long coat like her’s and together they could play in the deeper snow.  They could also play in the snow longer than the other cats and are always the last to come inside after snow play.


Fluff starts a snowball fight with Midnight

Midnight showed Fluff how to make a snowball, and they took turns throwing snowballs at each other before they decided to team up and throw snowballs at Frosta and Custard.  Later in the afternoon, Fluff ambushed Midnight with a surprise snowball and they had another snowball fight.


Custard’s coat isn’t as long as Frosta and Fluff’s coat, but he can still stay out in the snow longer than the other cats.  During the storm, he sat on the railing and enjoyed the weather.   When Fluff got scared of the wind, Custard pretended he was flying.  Fluff wanted to pretend she was flying also, but not in the wind.  She went inside and hung out on the top of the cat tree.


Fluff had a great first snow day, and she can’t wait until the next one.  She has plans to build a snow fort but first, she wants to invest in some boots to keep her paws dry.  And maybe a jacket to go with the boots.

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