Lil' Fluff Has a Loose Tooth!

Lil' Fluff Has a Loose Tooth!

She was walking around with it hanging out

Lil’ Fluff has gotten to the age where her kitten teeth are falling out and her big kitty teeth are coming in.  When kittens lose their teeth, they usually swallow them.  Or they fall out somewhere and you never find them.  We aren’t sure what happened to Lil’ Fluff’s tooth, it was hanging out of her mouth one night and in the morning it was gone.

Now that her big kitty teeth are coming in, we are going to have keep her pearly whites pearly white and begin an oral hygiene regimen.  We’ve been introducing Lil’ Fluff to toothbrushes.  Midnight brushes her teeth regularly and showed Lil’ Fluff the proper brushing technique and shared some of her toothpaste.  After brushing, the cats rinsed with an oral hygiene solution then cuddled for a nap.  

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