Kittens Update!

Kittens Update!

Kittens are on the mend, So is Pooh Bierre

  Last week we introduced you to Lil' Fluff and Martin who were found abandoned in a box outside the pet store.  They were not in the greatest shape when they were found and required a couple of trips to the vet and more than a couple of baths until they were camera.  Once they were ready for their closeups, we got out our camera and the kittens got their glamour pics, here’s a sneak peek!

Martine glamour picWe also discovered that Martin is a girl!  Her name is now Martine, but you can call her Lady Emme.

Lil' Fluff glamour pic


Pooh Bierre's wound healing Lampidicus’s reign at the Chateau has ended and Pooh Bierre has returned.  We continue to put balm on the wound, and it has almost finished healing.  We monitored Pooh Bierre’s temperature to make sure he didn’t have a fever which would indicate that his body was fighting an infection.  Pus is also an indication that a wound has become infected as well as the skin around the wound being unusually warm to the touch.  Luckily he didn’t have any of these indications and the vet recommended continuing applying the balm and monitoring him for any changes.  He’s been allowed on the deck and has been enjoying the fresh air on his whiskers.

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