Keeping the Kitties Entertained

Keeping the Kitties Entertained

Sometimes the kitties have to stay inside No catio time  

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The kitties like to be outside.  It's their nature to want to be outside, it's where the unfiltered sunbeams are as well as their favorite trees to climb.  The kitties neeeeed to be outside or else they go crazy.  La Lune especially needs to go outside.  He hates being inside and often prowls the windows looking for an opening that he can fit his paw in to open the window and jump out.  He even knows how to open doors.  So La Lune goes outside whenever he wants.  We're tired of replacing window screens.

There are times when all the kitties need to stay inside, even La Lune.  There have been lots of wildfires lately and the air quality at the Chateau has been awful! So we're keeping the kitties in until the air quality improves, or we can see the mountain on the other side of the valley.  Whichever comes first.  

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The kitties need their exercise, just like dogs need a daily walk, kitties need daily exercise.  Since the kitties can't chase each other around the backyard they'll chase each other from room to room and up the walls.  We’ve got lots of toys the cats play with, their favorite is the string from pajama pants.  One of em will take the string from one end and start to walk around, then the other cats notice the string being stolen and start to chase it.  They take turns of who gets the string. 

Fluff chatting on Cat Chat
Since the kitties aren’t socializing with the other neighborhood cats due to the smoke from the wildfires and coronavirus, they’ve had to find new ways to talk to their furriends outside the Chateau.  One of them got onto the internet and started a chat room to meet new kitties!  Cat Chat is a video chat room for cats, your chatty catty
can chat with other cats!  Login and point the webcam towards your kitty’s favorite hangout spot and let your kitty chat with other cats.  We asked if humans could also chat and the cats all agreed that they can only chat as interpreters of cats.  
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