It's Nip Time!

It's Nip Time!

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Boo's Organic Nip™ is blooming! Or it would be if the cats would stop rubbing all over it and breaking off the branches. 

La Lune getting his Nip on

The nip is loving the new Chateau and it gets hours more light than it did on the deck.  The catmint has blooms all over and the pollinators love to forage in them.  The cats don't rub against the catmint as much as they do the catnip, but once they smell the sweet scent of the catmint then they like to rub their faces in it.  Or on your hand if you've touched the catmint.

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A honeybee foraging on borage

The borage has so many blooms and we've seen a variety of bees foraging on the blooms, and some ants.  The borage flower nector is pretty sweet that the ants and bees love.  Once the seeds are ready to harvest we'll collect them and then press the oil out of them.  Borage seed oil is high in gamma linolenic acid and is used in cosmetic products for it's inflamation reduction properties. The borage plant itself is highly toxic to cats when ingested and could cause stomach irritation, vomiting, and diarrhea.  The cats don't seem to be interested in nibbling on the borage, but something is!

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We know what's nibbling on the violas, it's Pooh Bierre!  Pooh Bierre loves to eat the heads of the King Henry violas Midnight started last year in her indoor victory garden.  She then moved them outside when they were getting too big, but violas are a shade loving plant and she almost lost them when she left them in the sun.  Pooh Bierre is a shade loving cat, so the two go purrfect together.  Pooh Bierre has the freshest breath of all the kitties!Buy King Henry Viola seeds at Botanical Interests



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