All hail the great Lampidicus

All hail the great Lampidicus

Ruler of the Meowan Empire 

Last weekend Pooh Bierre had an encounter with a wild animal.  We're not sure which kind of animal but it was something with a tooth the size of a dime.  If it were a coyote he probably would have gotten eaten, they hunt in packs, so we think it was a single animal.  Perhaps a bobcat.  There is one wandering around our neighborhood.  There's also a mountain lion roaming around too, and some raccoons which are known to be fierce.  We definetly have raccoons.  All these wild animals roam through our backyard, as well as bears, and this is why we bring the kitties into the Chateau at night.  Except that one night last weekend.  Pooh Bierre didn't come in and stayed out all night.  The next morning he was casually laying under the car in the driveway looking like he had a rough night, but still didn't want to come inside.

Pooh Bierre's wound in the healing stageIt wasn't until two days later that we noticed Pooh Bierre had a big ol hole on his back!  Had Pooh Bierre came inside after the incident we could have gotten him stitches right then, but he hid and we didn't know he was injured.  When we did find the wound, the skin had already started the healing process so we decided to make a vet appointment.  Our vet didn't have an available appointments and we had to go out of town to work.  So we decided to take Pooh Bierre with us and care for him until we could see the vet.  Pooh Bierre doesn't like to travel, and the entire two hour drive he made his displeasure known.

To care for Pooh Bierre we cleaned the wound with 3% hydrogen peroxide and then applied a special balm we made using a 1:1 thc to cbd ratio cannabis extract (the wound wasn't bleeding so it didn't need to be bandaged).  We had used this balm on ourselves before as well as on the dogs, so we knew it helped the healing process and applied the balm twice a day.  After a few days we noticed the wound reopened and thought maybe Pooh Bierre was rubbing his back against the under part of the bed, where he was hunkering down.  We finally realized Pooh Bierre had been licking it and picking out the fur, so we had to put on "The Cone."

Pooh Bierre isn't too happy about "The Cone" but the wound is healing better now that it doesn't keep getting reopened.   Pooh Bierre has an upcoming vet appointment this week, and the wound doesn't look infected, so we're hoping we can continue to treat him as we have been without additional medication.

 *A little disclaimer: We are not veterinarians and do not recommend caring for your cat without medical supervision by a licensed DVM.

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