Hairball Awareness Day!

Hairball Awareness Day!

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Custard Coughin up a HairballWe've all dealt with hairballs, human and cat.  Human hairballs are often found in bathtub and shower strains, sometimes the bathroom sink too. Cat hairballs are found on the carpet in the middle of the night when you get up to go to the bathroom and haven't turned on the light yet.  We take hairballs very seriously around here. With everyone grooming everyone else, hairballs get caughed up a lot. We brush and brush and brush, and then brush some more to keep loose fur from being swallowed. We keep the watering hole filled so everyone's hydrated, and there's plenty of fibrous greens to keeps everyone's digestive system flowing!

Frosta in the Grass with Renee's Garden Seed PacketWe have a grass patch on the catio that we created from a small patio table turned upside-down and some chicken wire. We stapled the chicken wire to the table to create a planter and filled it with potting soil and sprinkled some cat grass seeds on top. After letting the seeds root and the grass started growing, we added more cat grass seeds for continued growth after the cats start munching on the grass and pulling up the roots.

All the cats love the grass patch and can usually be found lazing about on the patch.  With all the laziness from the cats laying on the grass, bare patches often form and need to be reseeded. Normally the grass would reseed itself, but the cat's munch on it too quickly for it to do that, so we have to reseed it manually. We like to get the Four Grass Seed Blend from Renee's Garden for reseeding, the cats love it and it sprouts quickly.


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