Going Up!

Going Up!

Climbing the ladder, making it to the top 

Repurposed shelf for the cats

We recently updated the cat wall to include cats! A shelf was added to the top of the cat wall that the cats can lounge on, but they'll need a way to get to it to lounge, so we made them a rope ladder!

Sisal rope and scissors

At the previous Chateau, we had to make our closet to hang clothes from a shelf, brackets, and a closet rod.  We brought those with us but we didn't need to make a closet, but we did put one together because we still needed a closet.  So we repurposed the shelf for a cat shelf.

Custard and Boo are expert climbers, they loved to climb to the top of the pine trees at the previous Chateau and sometimes up the actual walls of the Chateau.  Midnight and Lil’ Fluff love to chase each other and run up the cat tree, so we thought a ladder would be purrfect for them to climb up the shelf with and sisal rope is great for making ladders.

Frosta helping. make the rope ladder

We found the instructions to make a rope ladder on instructables.com and bought 52’ of sisal rope at our local hardware store.  Frosta helped hold down the rope so we could make tight rungs for climbing and once we were finished we hung it up and discovered we made it too short. Just like in lace making, we undid the whole thing and started over, this time we made sure to make it longer.  The kitties haven't tried it out yet, but Custard has been exploring it.


Sisal rope tied around the closet rod Making the rope ladder The Cat Wall with the rope ladder

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