Do Cats Get Jealous?

Do Cats Get Jealous?

Do cats even have feelings?  Are they aware of themselves?

Anyone who has spent time with cats will know how weird they are, but do they feel the same emotions that humans feel?  In our opinion yes.  Ever since we rescued the kittens a few weeks back, Midnight, Pooh Bierre, and Boo have been very demanding and hissy.  Pooh Bierre hisses at the kittens whenever he walks past them, sometimes he forgets to hiss and will turn his head back and hiss real quick while continuing on his path.  

Boo gaurding her Organic NipBoo tries to grab a quick bite of the kitten food and feeding time now has to be monitored.  She also has been guarding her Nip from the other cats, she doesn't want to share.  Midnight changed the sound of her voice!  Normally Midnight’s mews are very high pitched and light, then one day her mews were deeper and dark.  Like she was the singer from Crash Test Dummies or doing her best Barry White impersonation.  We asked her about this and wondered if she needed to see the vet, but she didn’t.  She just needed more attention.  Once we started giving her more attention (including special Midnight only time) her mews were back to normal.  

Acting out in unusual ways is one way cats communicate their displeasure about a situation.  So if you’re kitty is acting weirder than normal, then they’re probably bothered by something. If you’ve just introduced a new furriend to your kitty (as was the case with our kitties), they could be upset with the attention that isn’t being paid to them.  Kitties don’t like to share.  Giving your kitty it’s own bed, litter box, and space in the condo will help your kitty adjust to its new furriend, and soon they’ll go back to their normal level of weird.

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