Costume Picking Time

Costume Picking Time

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Disney Belle Princess Constume from

The kitties are excited it's Halloween time and they're ready to start looking for costumes!  Fluff has already decided to be a princess because she is a princess, and Boo is going to be a shadow.  La Lune says he wants to be a highlight or sun glare, he's not sure which yet. That just leaves Pooh Bierre, Frosta, Midnight, and Custard to decide what they want to be.


Unicorn costume for cats at
Pooh Bierre is thinking of being an orange or a tangerine.  Purrhaps a mandarin orange.  Or a carrot!  Though he could always be a pumpkin. Frosta would like to be something magnificent like a rainbow or a unicorn.  Or a unicorn rainbow.  Custard is going to try on his Little Prince outfit.  If it still fits he's going to wear it. If not he's thinking about being a puffy cloud.


Midnight just told us she's going to be Boo's shadow for Halloween.  So Boo will be a shadow and Midnight will be Boo's shadow’s shadow.  Well, see how long it takes before there's some shadow boxing occurring.

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