Cleanliness is Kittyness

Cleanliness is Kittyness

The Château is cleaner We use affiliate links

Midnight's tower gardenWe spent the last few days getting the Château tidy and clean, just so the cats could make a mess all over again. Now that the Chateau is cleaner, we can focus on living the cat lady life!  This week we’ll be setting up the garden tower that was given to us and quickly claimed by Midnight for her Victory Garden.  She’s very excited to grow hydroponically for the first time.  She’s gonna start out slow and easy with a few herbs and see how that goes.  

The comet NeowiseThe cats have also been excited to look up and see the NEOWISE comet, we have a pretty good view of it since we’re in the Meowtains. The cats keep insisting that they can catch it and have been trying every night for the past few nights.  Sadly they have not been able to catch it, but they’ll keep trying!

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