Boo's Berries are Being Bitten!

Boo's Berries are Being Bitten!

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Boo has a green paw and loves to grow plants, she’ll grow any plant you give her, so we gave her berries 

Frosta in Boo's BerriesLil' Fluff is interested in Boo's BerriesA few years back we bought a few distressed berry plants that were on sale at our local hardware store.  We weren’t sure if they would make it, so we gave them to Boo to grow.  She planted them in 7-gallon pots and placed them on the catio next to her organic nip.  After a few weeks of tending, the berry plants had new growth! 

Berry stains on the catioHalf eaten berries on the vineBoo has been caring for these berry plants for the last few years and this year they produced berries!  Boo was excited to share her berries with some of her bird furriends, but they began eating more than their share so she had to make the berries inaccessible to the birds.  She put up some netting around the berry plants and the birds weren’t able to eat the berries, but now something else is eating the berries!

Berries eaten off the vineWhatever is eating the berries moved the netting out of the way to access the berries.  There’s berry juice all over the railings of the catio and half-eaten berries left on the vine, the netting barely covers the bush and there are only a few berries left to ripen.  Boo decided to take action and find out who was eating the berries.  She set up security cameras to monitor her berries but they haven’t caught anything yet, even though the berries are still being eaten.  Whatever it is is being super sneaky.  Tonight Boo is going to sleep on the catio and try to catch the berry thief and let them know there aren’t enough berries for everyone, but there are plenty of berries on all the other bushes in the forest!

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