A New Victory Garden

A New Victory Garden

Midnight is ready to dip her paws into hydroponic growing We use affiliate links

Midnight and her victory gardenNormally when we think of Hydroponics we think of growing cannabis in 5 gallon buckets, but more than just cannabis can grow hydroponically!  Midnight was the recipient of a previously loved hydroponic grow tower, and she's been rearranging her victory garden to make room for it.  

Midnight crawling out of the water basinShe moved her veggies to the catio and asked Pooh Bierre and Boo to tend to them.  Her flowers were moved to the front yard and she asked Custard to water them every morning.  She kept two planter beds in the tent to continue growing her ginger (which needs a warmer and more humid climate), carrots, and garlic.  Also her cucumber has wound its way through the trellis, so she left that where it was as well.

SeedlingsHydroponic growing is new to Midnight, cats usually aren't too fond of water, and she's excited to give it a try.  She had recently started some medicinal herbs and they were still small enough to be transplanted, so Midnight moved them from soil to rock wool.  Once the roots have grown out of the rock wool she'll “plant” them into the tower.  She'll be growing peppermint, chamomile (both German and Roman), bee balm, and passionflower.

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