Weed Appreciation Day!

Weed Appreciation Day!

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It's a weed, it's a medicine, its appreciated! We don't know what weeds other people are appreciating, but we know which one we're appreciating!

WeedCannabis has so many benefits to humans and cats like easing pain, keeping regular in the bathroom department, soothing upset tummies, helping hairballs pass through, and helping to keep calm in stressful situations. We grow our own cannabis, and the cats like to help with the trimming of the leaves when they need a little trim. They chew on the fan leaves which do not contain any THC, but do contain all the green goodness that cats would also find in the lawn grass. We purrfer to give our cats cannabis leaves rather than let them mox the lawn with their mouth, this way we know what's going into their tummies and don't worry about pesticides or other poisons that could be in the lawn. We don't use pesticides or herbacides, but some of the neighbors might.

Pooh Bierre with Weed PlantWe grow a few strains of cannabis, and we've noticed that the cats purrfer the "Blue" or "Berry" strains like Blue Dream or Plushberry. We do not get our cats high, we do not blow smoke into their faces nor do we give the cats activated THC. When needed, we feed the cats the fan leaves or add some CBD drops to their food. If you feel that your cat needs cannabis, please consult your veternarian first. There are many companies that sell CBD for pets, both broad and full spectrum CBD (full spectrum means it includes THC, broad spectrum does not), so make sure you get your pet's alternative medicines from a reliable vendor. In California you can verify a dispensary, grower, and/or manufacturer is licensed and following the laws governing cannabis. Stay healthy!


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