Transitioning to Flower

Transitioning to Flower

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Pooh Bierre has been tending to his Twilight plant on the catio every day and the other day he noticed little white hairs growing from his plant!

Now that it's September, Pooh Bierre’s Twilight plant is starting to transition to its flower cycle when it will start forming big buds with lots THC filled trichomes.  Cannabis is triggered to go into flower when the hours of light get shorter at the end of summer and the little white hairs Pooh Bierre saw are pistils starting to emerge, just like the indoor plants

Growace bannerThroughout the summer, Pooh Bierre had been trimming (and eating) any fan leaves that got too big as well as any branches that looked weak.  He trimmed these off so the plant could maximize its energy and grow branches that receive the most light.  Pooh Bierre has given his Twilight plant the last trim of the season, any leaves that grow now can stay and Pooh Bierre says he’ll try not to eat them, but they’re so tasty.

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