Training for the Big Time

Training for the Big Time

Boo, Midnight, and the Purple Punch Plant 

Bend and bend and bend and bend 

We're giving the plants a light workout

Boo checking out Midnight's plant

Boo checked out Midnight's Purple Punch after tending to her Organic Nip and her clone and suggested it may be time to start training the branches.  Midnight agreed and they bent the four branches to each side of the supports. 

Boo cutting pieces of garden tape

After they trained the branches they up-potted two clones Midnight had taken and moved them to outside for Boo to care for.  Midnight also got her Pennywise seed to pop and grow and she moved the seedling to a 3 gallon pot under a stronger light.  She's hoping she'll be able to breed this one with the pollen she had from the male plant she grew last year.

Lil' Fluff giving the garden tape a lil' tug

Lil' Fluff has been taking a lil' interest in the plants lately and showed up to see if she could help.  She helped by giving the garden tape a lil' tug to make sure the branches were secure.  She also took lil' bites out of the fan leaves she could reach.  She then threw them up on the carpet.






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