Too Much Trimming 😖

Too Much Trimming 😖


We use affiliate linksCats love cannabis, Chewing on the fan leaves is one of Midnight's favorite activities

Midnight with her plantsShe loves munching on the fan leaves even when the plants don't need to be trimmed, she loves it so much that measures have had to be taken to keep her away from the plants.  Pooh Bierre has been complaining that his Twilight plant on the deck doesn't look very nice and isn't growing as well as it should.  So how do we keep the kitties out of the plants when they don't need trimming? 

Twilight plant that's been chewed onOther than monitoring the kitties all day and making sure they don't get into the plants, we've put up some barriers around the plants.  Outside we have a tent that is supposed to keep out deer, but the cats have figured out how to go under it.  Inside we have grow tents that zip closed and we can shut the door to the grow room, only occassionally does a kitty get stuck in there.  

Twilight plant that has been chewed onOutside we've finally put bird netting around all the plants.  This seems to be working, at least it keeps the kitties from using the plants as a litter box.  Kitty pee does kill plants, but that's another blog post.  Hopefully with the netting up the plants will be able to grow and if there's a random leaf sticking out, then Midnight can munch on that one.

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