Three Seed Amigos

Three Seed Amigos

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Green Crack seedling
Pineapple Express seedling

This year Midnight, Boo, and Pooh Bierre chose to grow Plushberry, but not the OGSubcool strain, Green Crack, and Pineapple Express.  The Plushberry isn't feminized like the other two are, so Midnight is gonna start three seeds in case one of them is a male.  

The Pineapple Express was the first to pop and sprout, we're excited for this strain and look forward to watching this one grow. Update:  Between the time we wrote this post and posted it, Midnight ate all the leaves from the seedling so we're not sure she'll have Pineapple Express to grow this year.  She said the leaves just smelled so good that she couldn't wait until they got bigger to eat them.

Pineapple Express seedling Pineapple Express seedling after Midnight ate the leaves

a nopal wintering inside

The tent Midnight and Boo set up last year is currently occupied by the succulents who are wintering inside.  They haven't noticed any spider mites amongst the succulents, and the tent that did have spider mites got thrown away, so they think they'll be able to grow the starters and an indoor strain.  The other seedlings also are doing well so she's sure the current tent does not have spider mites.

Spawn colonizing popcorn in a jar

In addition to the seeds started, Midnight also started a new grow of a new crop, Midnight is growing mushrooms!  Boo stepped in some spores while outside one day and Midnight noticed there were mushrooms growing in the litter box.  She became fascinated with mushrooms and began growing mushrooms.  She loves watching the spawn colonize in the jars and the fruiting process.

In addition to new grow teks and new grows, we're blogging in a new format.  We'll be posting one blog a month on the last Friday of the month at 4:20pm pst.  The kitties would like to stream to twitch more often than we have, Pooh Bierre likes gaming and chillin' on Friday nights starting around 7:30pm pst!

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