The Nip is in Bloom!

The Nip is in Bloom!


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Catnip bloomsCatnip bloomsWe’ve been waiting all summer for Boo’s Organic Nip™️ to bloom, and now it is!  Boo has been tending to her Nip all year long and has made sure the other cats haven’t started nipping on the Nip before it was ready.  Now everyone is enjoying the Nip including the bees!

Bee foraging on catnipBee foraging on catnipThere are three bees that have been foraging on the Nip every day.  Boo makes sure they get foraging time in the morning before the rest of the cats wake up and start rubbing on the Nip.  Boo loves the bees, she’s been planning a pollinator garden that she’ll be growing next Spring.  She’s hoping the honeybees will build a hive nearby so she can have wildflower honey for her Boo’s Organic Nip Tea™️.  Boo’s Bees™️ can live in any of the trees around the Chateau and she’ll go up to the hive and harvest just enough honey for a cup of tea.  Boo loves bees.

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