Sea of Green!

Sea of Green!

 Midnight checking her plants

So many clones

Let's grow them all 

Taking a cloneClones are so easy to take that sometimes we end up with more clones than we need. Lots more than we need.  Usually we give em away to furriends and family, but Midnight has been surfing the web and found an article on Sea of Green growing and now would like to try it out along with her Screen of Green.

So what’s the difference between Sea of Green and Screen of Green?  Screen of Green uses one plant trimmed to the third node to create a “Y” shaped plant with two branches and trains each branch to grow along a grid.  Sea of Green uses many plants and grows each one to a determined size before sending them to flower.  The plants are arranged in a grid so each gets the maximum amount of light to grow.

ClonesMidnight was very excited to try this technique and couldn’t wait to start it, luckily her Strawberry Cough plant was ready to take some clones.  She prepped a seedling tray a day before taking the clones so the growing substrate would be moist enough for the clones to start rooting.  

A taken cloneTo take the clones, Midnight used a new x-acto blade to make a clean cut.  She cut the branch from the main stem closest to the roots under the canopy of the Strawberry Cough she has growing in the Screen of Green method.   She took one cutting at a time then cut the bottom stem at a 45-degree angle and shaved off the top layer of the stem to promote rooting, then dipped the stem in rooting powder and placed the cutting into the seedling tray to root and grow. 

Boo filling potsClones in two gallon potsOnce the clones rooted and show growth, she moved them to 2-gallon pots. Boo helped Midnight fill the pots and transplant the clones.  Boo wanted to keep one of them outside, but Midnight said no because they have to grow.  But once they are tall enough Midnight will clip off the top so they are all the same height, and she'll clone the tops, so Boo can have one of those to grow outside. 

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