Scrogging the Nip

Scrogging the Nip


Midnight already trains her cannabis plants to get big bloom, now she's training her Nip!

Midnight checks on her plants Plants can be trained (bent) into whatever shape you'd like, especially cannabis and nip plants.  Cannabis plants usually grow straight up into the shape of a christmas tree, while this is perfectly fine for growing and does not need a lot of maintence, it doesn't maximize the yield you'd get at harvest time.   The branches on the outside receive the most light and block the light to the branches on the inside so the inside doesn't get big bloom.  By training the plants each branch gets more light and creates bigger blooms!

Under the canopy

  ScrOG, or Screen of Green, allows the branches to grow is a criss-cross pattern so that each node gets light allowing for big colas to grow.  This method is best used with seedlings, but clones work as well. To start, the plant gets topped when it's still small so the main stem branches into two like a Y, those branches get bent over and a screen or netting is placed over the plant.  The branches are then kept beneath that screen creating a canopy.  The branches will grow over each other similar to when you bring your hands together and interlock your fingers.  Pruning the fan leaves will maximize the light each branch gets. Each branch keeps being pruned and pushed beneath the netting and canopy until it's time to go into flower light cycle at which time the plant is left to grow!

Scrog catnip

Catnip scrog Midnight got a clone from Boo of her organic nip, and it rooted pretty quickly.  She set it up in a five gallon pot by the sliding glass door where it will receive plenty of window ligh and used a mesh shelf from another project as her screen.  So far the little clone is doing well and Midnight is looking forward to her own indoor Nip!


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