Ready to Harvest!

Ready to Harvest!

Boo’s Purple Punch is ready!

Boo checking out her Purple Punch

It’s chop chop time

Boo's Purple PunchIt’s November and the first harvest at the new Chateau is ready to commence!  Boo has been watering her plants without nutrients for the last two weeks to flush any nutrients the plant may not have used.  She used distilled water for the final watering to flush out the minerals from the hard tap water.  
Macro shot of terpenes

Boo has been watching her Purple Punch plant for the purrfect time to harvest.  She’s  been looking very closely at the trichomes and watching them fill with terps.  First they were clear, then they started to get a little cloudy, then all cloudy.  This is when Boo likes to harvest, this is the time when the thc is at its highest potency and the terps are the most flavorful.  Allowing the plant to continue in the final bloom cycle will convert the thc to cbd.  This blend of thc and cbd are what give the fuller effect of the strain with the greater amount of cbd having a more relaxed feeling.  

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