Potting Up!

Potting Up!

Up up and into a new pot! So much more room to grow We use affiliate links

Midnight's Purple Punch Plant

Midnights Purple Punch Plant is ready for a 5 gallon pot and a trim!  The growth had slowed down a little bit and Midnight wondered if maybe it was outgrowing her pot, she looked underneath at the bottom of the pot and yep, there were roots growing out of the pot.

 The roots of the cannabis plant grow down, similar to how to tomato plant roots grow.  Once they get to the bottom they'll start to grow around the pot, but Midnight uses fabric pots and the roots start to grow out the bottom then back into the pot, so she up potted the Purple Punch into it's final pot.  The roots can take over the whole pot if they like.  

Pooh Bierre checks out Midnight's Purple Punch

The first clone Midnight took from the Purple Punch plant was ready for it's pot too!  She had started training the clone to go outside for about a week.  First she left it in a windowsill where the harsh sunlight was softer.  Then she slowly moved it closer and closer to the full sun lights rays until finally it was outside in the sun receiving all the rays!  The little clone loves the sun and was ready to grow into a bigger pot.  

Boo chekcing out her clone
Boo oversaw the up potting and looks forward to caring for her new plant outside the new Chateau.  The new Chateau has lots of critters that hang around, so Boo put up a fence around the clone to deter others from eating the leaves.  once it's big enough, Boo will allow for moderate leaf munching but only when a trim is needed.


Midnight's Purple Punch with support


The trimmed Purple Punch

Back inside Midnight was able to trim her Purple Punch plant and get 9 clones!  She's hoping they'll all root, but she also has a few more that she can take once they are big enough.  Midnight began intalling the trelissing for the Screen of Green for her plant, she's using a SCROG kit she got from Growace.com.  It's so easy to use and she loves not having to fuss about hanging nylon trellissing that she usually gets tangled in.

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