Poppin' Seeds

Poppin' Seeds

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Pennywise seedling

We can take a lot of clones, a LOT of clones.  But Sometimes we need to start from the beginning and grow from some seeds.  We're starting two new seeds, one Plushberry and one Pennywise. Both of these strains were bred by Subcool, a legendary breeder of cannabis who recently passed away. The last two seeds of these strains that we grew turned out to be males, so we harvested the pollen and are hoping for these seeds to be females.  We're going to attempt to breed some seeds so the Subcool lineage will live on!

Cannabis seedling germinating in a paper towel

Cannabis seeds have a hard exterior shell and need to be prepped the same way a gardener would prep a morning glory, sweet pea, or sunflower seed.  They can be soaked overnight in a little dish of water, or left to germinate in a wet paper towel.  Kind of like the lima bean experiment second graders perform.

We do the paper towel method.  First we scrape the seed with a nail file to soften the shell allowing water to penetrate into the shell to begin the germination process.  Sometimes we'll use a small knife or cutting instrument to scratch the shell, either method works well. 

After the shell has been scraped we placed the seed in a wet paper towel and fold it up to stay moist, then place the wet paper towel and seed  in a sandwich bag and leave in a dark warm spot to begin germination.  Usually the top of one of the grow tents works well.  

Once germination has begun the seed will open and the taproot will begin to emerge.  Once the taproot is about a ½ inch long we'll transplant it to a seedling pot and let it grow!

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