Poppin' Purple Punch

Poppin' Purple Punch

We're ready to start growing again! Just one plant for now We use affiliate links

We got one of the grow tents set up and Midnight was eager to start a new grow.  She wanted to start all the same strains we had at the previous Chateau, but we convinced her to start small since there's still a lot do to around the new Chateau.  Since Boo is planning a purple garden, Midnight decided to grow Purple Punch.

Purple Punch by Barney's Farm

Purple Punch is a sweet tasting, heavy indica strain that is great for when you need to relax and maybe take a little catnap.  It was created by breeding the strains Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, both of which are indica dominant  strains.

The flavor of Purple Punch is described as fruity and sweet with tones of grape and berries with peppery hints.  This is a tasty strain that kitties love to nibble on.  Kitties should be monitored when nibbling on fan leaves to make sure they don't eat the whole plant. Clipping a few leaves and feeding them to the kitties will keep them satisfied.  Purple Punch is a purrferred strain of cat ladies everywhere!

Purple Punch seedling

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