Midnight has Mites!

Midnight has Mites!

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Oh no, spider mites!! Midnight’s Purple Punch is covered in webs


White spots on the leaves from spider mites bites

Just as Midnight’s indoor Purple Punch plant was about to be ready to harvest, she noticed that it didn’t look right.  She made a closer inspection and found tiny red dots, and they were moving!  She had noticed that the leaves were looking spotty for a while, but thought that was due to the hard water.  In actuality the spots are bites!  Little munching spots from the spider mites eating the plant.

Midnight is not excited about this, especially being so close to harvest time.  She’s also not excited that she now either can’t go outside or she has to wear a suit when she's checking on the plants.  She hasn’t decided which will suit her better.

A red spider mite

Spider mites are tricky to get rid of.  They have a high reproduction rate and can easily take over a plant overnight!  The first thing Midnight did was sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around the plant.  And on the plant.  She probably shouldn’t have, but she did.  After she did this she could see the webs the spider mites made and which leaves had mites on them. 

Spider mite web covered in diatomaceuos earth

Midnight then vacuumed the diatomaceous earth off the plant since the diatomaceous earth will block the light the plant needs.  There is some diatomaceous earth leftover after being vacuumed, this will hopefully dry out any mites and larvae that were left behind.  

Boo checking her plants for spider mites Spider mite evidence Boo found a spider mite


She told Boo about the mites and suggested she should check her outdoor plants.  Boo checked and sure enough, there were a couple of mites and bites.  Boo didn’t want to go through the hassle Midnight went through and ordered some natural pest control online, it should be here in a few days and we’ll update on the progress.  You can read more about spider mites on cannabis plant here.

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