It's a Boy!

It's a Boy!

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We use affiliate linksMidnight was checking on in on the plants today and noticed one looked a little different than the rest and upon closer inspection, the plant was a male! 


Male Cannabis PlantMale plants don’t produce the buds that produce the buds everyone is used to seeing, they produce the pollen needed to create seeds! Normally we would take these plants out of the grow room completely and give em to the cats, but these aren't normal times and this is a special plant. This is a 1:1 ratio THC:CBD plant, which means means the amount of THC and CBD are close to equal amounts.

We grow this strain specifically for the medical benefits the 1:1 ratio provides. The 1:1 ratio is the golden ratio and the way THC and CBD interact with each other provides greater medicinal benefits than using THC or CBD in higher ratios.  We tested this theory by using a salve with a 1:1 strain and another with a higher CBD ratio, then got a sunburn. Not on purpose but it happens sometimes when you forget to put on sunscreen.

Male Cannabis Plant and Pooh BierreWe put the 1:1 on the left burnt shoulder, and the CBD on the right. Both shoulders had shown healing of the sun burnt skin, however the shoulder with the 1:1 salve had become a tan rather than a burn! The left shoulder was further on the path of healing than the right.  Anyway, we're not going to get rid of this guy just quite yet. There are medicinal benefits to males plants as well! We're going to collect the pollen of the male plant and when we find a female we'll breed them together and get seeds! After we collect the seeds we'll extract the oil! Or eat them in our oatmeal! 

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