Keep on Growin' On

Keep on Growin' On

Everything's growing, especially Midnight's little belly

Cannabis plant with two bites from the leaves

Since Midnight ate the Pineapple Express leaves when it was a seedling, that plant did not grow and needed to be replaced.  Boo got her paws on some Skywalker OG seeds and was able to get two of them to sprout.  Pooh Bierre looked through the seeds available and chose the Orangesicle, he wanted an orange strain for orange kitties.  That seed popped right away and is already onto it’s fourth set of true leaves!


Four cannabis seeds on a white paper towel Cannabis seed sprouting
Secret Jardin Dark Propagator tent at

With the plants doing well and not needing too much attention right now, Midnight has been focused on her mushrooms!  Those little suckers grow pretty fast.  Midnight loves to watch the pins grow.  She makes bets with the other kitties on when the veil will break.  Midnight doesn't have much space for growing mushrooms, and she doesn't grow them in the same tent as the other plants.  The best environment (depending on the species) for mushrooms to grow is cool and damp, and the plant tent is not cool and isn't at the humidity purrfurred by mushrooms.  Midnight and Boo made some tubs to be used as fruiting chambers and set them on the top shelf in the darkest place in the Chateau where they would get anough air exchange for fruiting.  She'd really like to get a tent and have her own little shroom room, but for now the top shelf works.

Mushroom spawn Mushroom and spores Midnight taking a spore print

We have some merch!  Boo took this pic while she was trimming some leaves awhile back and thought it would look amazing on t-shirts!  And it does!!  This is our first Cannabis Cat Lady design and we’ve got it available on shirts, stickers, magnets, and more, check out the Cannabis Cat Lady Collection!

Pink and Purple Smiling Kitty PiecePink and Purple Smiling Kitty PiecePink and Purple Smiling Kitty Piece Grey Kitty Resin Piece Grey Kitty resin Piece side view

We've added two new pieces to the Nip Collection!  The first is a pink and purple smiling kitty piece that glows in the dark!  We're excited about this one because it glows in the dark, and it's made from glass and silicone so if the cats drop it off the table, it won't break.  The second is a grey kitty sherlock style piece made of resin so it really won't break if the cats drop it off the table. Check them out here!

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