It's Flower Time!

It's Flower Time!

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The outside plants are blooming! They're getting so big

A critter thats not a mite

The outside Purple Punch and Twilight plants Boo and Pooh BIerre have been tending to are ready to flower and will soon be ready to harvest!  They haven’t been victim to the spider mites the indoor plants were infested by and Boo has been constantly monitoring them to keep it that way.  There are some critters hanging out on the fan leaves, but not like the spider mites.

Soon to be bud

As the plants continue their flowering cycle, Boo has been removing the fan leaves so the plants direct their flowering energy and nutrients to creating buds.  She’s also been monitoring the weather as it’s been getting cooler in the evening lately.  Boo has known of some grows in the mountains that were about to be harvested and got damaged by frost and mold.  If the temperature drops too low she’ll bring the plants to a more controlled environment to finish out their cycle. 

Purple Punch by Barney's Farm from Herbie's Seeds

Boo and Midnight have discussed the plants moving forward and have decided a thorough cleaning of the tents and grow equipment is required before the next grow.  And they new seeds.  Midnight enjoyed growing the Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion and she’s going to order some from Herbie’s Seeds, Boo will take a clone from Midnight’s plant.

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