Happy Birthday Pooh Bierre!!!

Happy Birthday Pooh Bierre!!!

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It's 4/20 and that means it's Pooh Bierre's Birthday! He's the big 6 today!!!

Twilight by Dutch PassionPooh Bierre's birthday is one of our favorite days and we always like to do something a little special. This year Pooh Bierre will be planting his Twilight plant he started last year, outside. Twilight is a cannabis strain by Dutch Passion in Amsterdam.   Pooh Bierre likes his fancy cannabis.  Pooh Bierre asked Midnight for a little space in her grow room back in November to start his Twilight plant. She obliged. Pooh Bierre has spent the last few days getting his plant ready to go outside. He's placed his plant in the north facing window so it can begin to feel the stronger light of the sun. Now it will go into its final pot and hang out in the shade for a few days, and slowly introduce it's leaves to the direct rays of the sun until it can be awoken each day by the sun rising.

Pooh Planting his Twilight PlantPooh Bierre likes the outside part of gardening outside. He tends to the plants on the catio.  
Pooh Bierre has a four types of berries, a rose bush, and lavender. He helps maintain the grass around Boo's Organic Nip™️ making sure there's enough grass for everyone. Sometimes the grass gets chewed down too far and can't reseed itself, so Pooh Bierre collects the seeds from the wild grass that grows around the Château and adds them to the catio grass.  Happy 4/20!!  *We do not reccommend germinating cannabis and hemp seeds unless it is legal to do so. 



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