Half Way There!

Half Way There!

 Four weeks into flower and we’re seeing stuff We use affiliate links

Midnight put her Strawberry Cough plant and her Super Lemon Haze plant into flower on July 23 and we’re seeing pistils everywhere! 

Merigue Seeds by Dutch Passion Seed CompanyPistils are the part of the female plant that in the wild would catch the pollen from the male plant to make a seed.  Pistils begin showing in the veg cycle.  They start off as little white hairs at about 3-6 weeks where the branches meet the stem.  This is when you can celebrate because you have a female plant! 

PistilsPistils can also tell you when it's time to harvest.  As they mature, pistils change color from white to yellow/amber to red/brown.  When a majority of the pistils are red-brown it's time to harvest, right now all the pistils are white.  The plant is not ready to harvest but we'll keep watching because trichomes are coming! 

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