Almost Pooh Bierre's Birthday!

Almost Pooh Bierre's Birthday!

We took some clones to celebrate and planted a seed  We use affiliate links

Midnight's Purple Punch after being topped

The Purple Punch seed Midnight planted has been growing steadily in the new Chateau, and it grew big enough for her to take a clone!  She took the top off and planted it in some seedling soil then decided to pop another seed.  The neighbor cats downstairs had some seeds they wanted to try growing and asked Midnight if she could start one for them.  She said sure and quickly got one of the seeds wrapped into a wet paper towel.  The next day it had popped!  She planted it into a small seedling pot and placed it next to the Purple Punch clone then placed a cover over them to create a warmer and more humid environment.  She also moved the Pennywise seed that she’s been waiting to grow next to the Purple Punch clone.  She’s not entirely sure that it is growing, she’s gonna give it another week.  Pennywise has been the toughest strain Midnight has tried to grow yet. 

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