Happy 7/10

Happy 7/10!

Today we celebrate concentrates!

There are many types of concentrates like oil, crumble, wax, and shatter.  You can vape or dab these concentrates using a vape pen, dab rig, honey dabber, or add to a recipe to make edibles. 

Concentrates are exactly how they sound, concentrated cannabis, and are extracted by pressing flower using a rosin press, distilling using a closed-loop distiller, butane extraction, and more. 

CANNABIS STEAM DISTILLATIONWe've been experimenting with steam distillation of cannabis but have not been able to get the temperature high enough to extract the THC, though we have made some cannabis hydrosols and cannabis essential oils.  We'll keep experimenting until we can extract the THC and/or CBD to create medicated hydrosols!  Happy 7/10!

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