Official Cat Lady

Rollin' wit da kittiez

I started Official Cat Lady because everyone kept telling me if I got one more cat I would be a cat lady, so I got another cat and made it official!  In 2015 I created the concept of Official Cat Lady. Then I created a couple of designs and took some pictures of cats, lots of cats, combined them, then put that design on hats and let everyone know I am an Official Cat Lady!

As an Official Cat Lady I create cat art with my photography and photo editing skills along with my crafting projects. I make bobbin lace, quilts, and embroidery pieces all cat themed. As a Cannabis Cat Lady I collect and sell cat themed glass pieces and accessories.

When blogging about living the cat lady life, I often refer to "we." The we is the cats and me. That's how we roll.

Bobbin Lace

  • View our Twitch channel!

    Watch bobbin lace and cat art being made along with the kitties! We also stream our gaming of our favorite retro games, along with the kitties. CLICK HERE!

  • Cannabis Cat logo over an image of cannabis

    Read our blog about cats and cannabis!

    Cats love cannabis! We blog about growing and using cannabis with cats around. We also have a cat themed glassware collection! CLICK HERE!

  • Resources

    Looking for craft supplies, cat supplies, or a new cat? Our resources list includes our favorite suppliers for our craft and lace projects as well as gardening for both indoor and outdoor gardens. CLICK HERE!

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