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We know what's eating Boo's Berries, She will get her revenge

A rodent caught on camera on the catioWe mentioned a few weeks back that something was eating Boo's Berries, turns out we have rodents climbing onto the catio at night and getting into the berries! They're taking advantage of the time the cats are inside and creating all sorts of mischief that we have to clean up after in the morning. 

Pumpkin activity book from Botanical InterestsBoo has recruited La Lune and Custard to help her take care of the issue.  They'll guard the deck and patrol the perimeter of the Chateau in case the rodents decide to come with backup.  In our community rodenticides are not permitted for use, so we don’t worry about the cats accidentally getting poisoned, though we do have other concerns about the cats hunting rodents and do our best to limit the number of kills they can possibly achieve if left unchecked.

La Lune and his killBoo has the advantage of hiding in the shadows, they'll never see her sneak attack. La Lune hides in plain sight in the highlights and bright spots, they'll never see his sneak attack either.  Custard just hides really good.  

Luckily Boo's Berries are harvested for the season, so if the rodents show up they will be sorely disappointed. 

*Since the time of this blog post being written, the cats have caught a rodent.

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